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Adoption Types

There are three types of adoptions available through an infancy placement with CFI, in which the family may select based on their family’s comfort level. They are as follows:

Open adoption

Occurs when both birth parents and adoptive parents agree to share identifying information and there is ongoing contact before and after the adoptive placement occurs. If an open adoption is agreed upon and adoptive parent(s) have been selected by a birth mother, they will, together with the birth mother, participate in one or more meetings called “match meetings”. These meetings allow each party the opportunity to get to know one another. Discussions will focus on each person’s desires surrounding the child’s birth, the time of placement, and contact following the placement. Each party will then have the choice about entering into the placement and/or the adoption written plan together, while determining how much information they will share with each other.

Semi-open adoption

The birth parent(s) may request to meet the adoptive parent(s) but not share identifying information from either party. CFI reserves the right to give the birth parents a picture of the child up until consummation.

Closed adoption

The birth parents will request CFI to select a family or they will choose a family from de-identified home studies. The birth parents and adoptive parents will not meet or contact one another.

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