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Questions to Ask an Agency

Don’t know what to ask when talking with an Adoption Agency or Attorney? Some questions you may consider asking includes but is not limited to:

  • What services does you agency or firm provide? (Free, Confidential pregnancy counseling for everyone involved in your life; Help developing and adoption or parenting plan; Referrals for medical care, housing, food and other helpful service)

  • How long does it take to get an appointment? (no more than a week from when you called)

  • How much time do you spend initially with the client? (as long as you need to talk, usually about a hour)

  • How many visits do you usually have with a client? (depends on the client)

  • Who from your agency/firm is likely to work with the client? (case manager, licensed social worker)

  • Who can accompany the client? (anyone you choose)

  • How do you find adoptive families? (families approach us, but have to be approved by a licensed social worker)

  • What kind of information is gathered on the families who want to adopt? (medical, social, family background, financial, criminal and individual history)

  • Do birth parents have an opportunity to meet the adoptive parents? (yes, if you desire)

  • Can the birth mother/father pick the adoptive parents? (yes, if you desire)

  • Will you work with any birth mother/father who wants to release her/his child? (yes)

  • What kind of information do you gather on the birth mother/father? (medical, social, genetic and educational)

  • Can the birth mother/father change her/his mind at any time? (yes, the choice to place your child for adoption is yours, but once relinquishment papers are signed the decision is final)

  • What happens if there is something wrong with the baby? (everything is discussed with all parties involved)

  • Do you offer information in a variety of formats and languages? (yes)

  • Do you work with birth mothers from different cultural, racial and economic backgrounds? (yes)

  • Do you work with birth mothers who abuse substances, have STDs or other diseases, mental illness, etc.? (yes)

  • Do you work with relatives who want to adopt? (yes)

  • Do you offer guidance in parenting? (yes)

  • Do you offer encouragement and support for parenting? (yes or can provide you with referrals)

  • Does the agency practice openness id adoption? What does that typically look like? (yes, at least letters, pictures, telephone calls and visits twice a year, more if you desire)

  • Do you strongly recommend/require counseling before you begin looking at families? (yes)

  • Ask the agency/firm if they have families for you to consider if you were expecting an African American/Hispanic/Bi-Racial child. Do they say they either have families or that they will find families? (yes)

  • Are affiliated with any religious organization or faith? (no, unless it is important to you)

  • What types of services do you provide after placement for birth family and adoptive family? (counseling and registry)

  • Is your staff diverse or aware of cultural and diversity issues? (yes)
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