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Adoption FAQs

Tell me about Children & Family Institute.

Children & Family Institute (CFI) has been licensed by the State of Texas since 1994. CFI was established in response to large numbers of minority, sibling groups and older children that were in foster care awaiting permanent homes. We are actively recruiting and training families, who are interested in providing permanent, loving homes to these children. CFI’s staff is a group of sensitive, diverse professionals that work hard to meet the needs of their clients. Bilingual staff is available upon request.

Where do the children you place come from?

Children and Family Institute is a private adoption agency that has a contract with Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (TDFPS) to assist them in placing children who are available for adoption. The parental rights of the children were terminated as a result of abuse, neglect or abandonment. We also provide adoption services to birthparents that chose to place their babies for adoption.

How is CFI different from TDFPS?

CFI is a private, Christian nonprofit adoption agency. We conduct our own screening, training, home studies, etc. The training is usually completed in 8-20 hours depending on the type of adoption/foster care you are wanting. CFI agency parents require 8 hours of training, foster/adopt parents require 20 hours of training. Additional, individualized training is provided after placement. Most training is held on Saturday for the convenience of our working families. Training will include CPR for infants and adults. CFI searches for children through out the state of Texas. We are also able to give our clients the personal attention they want and desire. You will work closely with one case manager who will assist you through the entire adoption process. TDFPS provides free post adoption services that are available through Lutheran Social Services to assist you with resources and support after the adoption is finalized. CFI makes referrals as well to community resources and also provides some post adoption support services.

What does the training cover, where is it located and how is training handled if I live outside the Dallas/Fort Worth Area?

Training covers a wide variety of topics relevant to prospective adoptive parents such as how adoption will impact your family, the adoption process, types of abuse state children may have encountered, separation and loss issues related to the child’s birth family, attachment issues, discipline etc. Training is normally held at Children & Family Institute’s office at 5787 S. Hampton, Dallas, Texas 75232 (South Dallas-off I-20 and 67). It is usually held on Saturdays for the convenience of our working families. Families that live within a relatively short distance are asked to attend the regularly scheduled training sessions for families that live far away, arrangements can be made to meet their individualized needs on a case by case basis.

How long does it take to adopt?

The wait for a child to be placed in your home depends greatly on the age, race, number of children and special needs you are willing to work with. Most families wait an average of 9-12 months for an adoptive placement, sometimes less. Families who are interested in school age sibling groups usually have the shortest wait. The average wait for an infant is 9-24 months.

How much does it cost to adopt?

There are no fees to adopt children from TDFPS. However, CFI charges home study fees for families who desire to adopt. The home study fee is determined on a sliding scale based on your family’s annual income. If you adopt a child from TDFPS your Home Study Fee is reimbursed to you after your adoption is finalized. Newborn home study and placement fees are also based on your family’s annual income to make adoption affordable. The Home Study fee for an infant placement is non- refundable.

Can single people adopt?

Yes, single parents can adopt if they are legally divorced and living a traditional Christian lifestyle. The wait for a single person is usually a little longer than two parent families. In order to reduce the wait for a state child it is recommended that single parents be open to adopting school age children, sibling groups or a child with special emotional or physical needs. Single parents can also adopt agency newborns. The process for a single parent is the same as for a two-parent family.

What is the process to adopt?

The adoption process is discussed in greater detail during orientation. A brief overview is as follows:

  1. Orientation
  2. Training
  3. Home Study
  4. Submit Home Study for available children
  5. Family selected to adopt child
  6. Family reads child’s records/Presentation
  7. Pre-placement visits
  8. Child is placed in family’s home
  9. 6 months of supervision
  10. Consummate (Finalize) the adoption-The child’s name is changed and new Social Security number and Birth Certificate are issued

What is the Foster Care Process?

The foster care process is similar to adoption; however, you take care of the child on a temporary basis. You are paid a daily fee to take care of the child until he is returned home or placed into adoption.

What is Foster to Adopt?

When a child is placed in your home as foster care with the plan to adopt if parental rights are terminated. Your home is licensed to foster and adopt and your training is the same as a foster or adoptive home. CFI currently does not have a contract with TDFPS to provide foster-to-adopt services.

Do you assist with transracial adoptions?

Yes, CFI does assist families who are interested in transracial adoption. We provide training on racial issues to make sure the parents have a thorough understanding of the special challenges involved in being a transracial family and raising a child of a different race.

Why is your organization limited to Texas Families Only?

CFI is an agency that believes very strongly in providing quality work and services to the families we work with. There are limited resources and we have chosen not to over extend our resources by trying to service other areas. CFI staff and contract workers are required to supervise all families that have children placed in there homes for six months. This requires traveling to the family’s home monthly and it would not be practical for our agency at this time.

I thought it was expensive to adopt. How can I adopt State Children at no cost?

CFI has a contract with TDFPS therefore your tax dollars pay CFI for placement of state children. You will pay legal fees to consummate your adoption and the state will reimburse your legal and any other fess associated with your adoption. CFI requires that families wanting to adopt only pay a home study fee. The home study fee is reimbursed to you by CFI upon finalization of your adoption. Foster parents do not pay a home study fee. There are additional fees, however, for newborn placements. CFI’s fees are very competitive with other agencies and are on a sliding scale and payment plans are available in most cases.

What is open, semi-open and closed adoption?

Open adoption is an adoption plan in which both birth parents and adoptive parents agree to share identifying information and there is ongoing contact before and after the adoptive placement occurs.

Closed adoption is an adoption plan in which birth and adoptive parents do not meet or share identifying information. The birth and adoptive parent never meet.

Semi-open adoption is an adoption plan where there is planned communication through a third party (usually the adoption agency). The extent of communication is agreed upon in advance by both parties. The communication could include a one time meeting and/or pictures of the child while he/she is growing up. There is no ongoing communication between the birthparents and the adoptive family. Whether your adoption is open or closed is your choice. You can request open or closed adoption and CFI will try to match your request with the desire of the birth parents. Most children made available for adoption through the state will be closed adoptions or otherwise indicated prior to presentation of case records.

Will my child receive subsidy?

Adoption subsidies maybe provided to families whose child at the time of placement meets one of the following criteria:

  • six years old or older;
  • two years or older and a member of a racial or ethnic minority;
  • have a verifiable, professionally diagnosed physical, mental, or emotional handicapping condition; or
  • belong to a sibling group needing placement in the same house.

All subsidies are negotiated and the final decision will be made by TDFPS.

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