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Parent Class Topics

    • Pregnancy
      Childbirth Issues
      Breast Feeding
      Health & Nutrition
      Fetal Development
      Post Delivery Stress
      Positive Supports
      Decision Making


    • Parenting
      Parenting & Attachment Styles
      Dealing with Child Anger
      Age Appropriate Discipline
      Building Trust Between Parent & Child
      Infant and Toddler Health & Safety
      Child & Family Nutrition
      Abuse & Neglect


    • Life Skills
      Healthy Relationships
      CPS/DFPS Prevention
      Financial/Budgeting Planning
      Career Planning
      Drug Education
      Decision Making


    • Developmental


  • Career Planning
    Job Preparation
    Assessing Gifts and Talents


** If you are required to attend classes from an outside agency, more classes may be required depending on your case manager and mentor's recommendations. Class topics and requirements can change at CFI’s discretion.

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