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Children and Family Institute was created out of a passion and empathy for children and families in Texas. After working for the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services (TDPRS) for over 7 years, God put it on my heart to “step out on faith” to establish an adoption agency specializing in placing children of color. With the support of God, my husband, and friends, CFI was established. We had some problems obtaining funds to startup CFI; therefore I used my life savings to keep the agency running. My heart’s most important mission was to see children placed into long-term homes. ALL children need a family they can call their own - a family who will provide love and stability. They need to know they will sleep in the same bed every night and spend their birthday, Christmas, and Thanksgiving with the same family. These things are important to children in order for them to grow up into healthy, productive adults. Since CFI's inception, we have provided adoption services to hundreds of children, adoptive parents, and birth parents. Some of these clients felt they had no other options.

We are truly blessed by God. We have jobs we love doing. We are excited about what God is going to do in the future. We know that we are going to be awesome because we serve an awesome God. Our #1 goal is to encourage more people to "embrace the spirit of adoption." Adoption is a wonderful method that God uses to ensure that his plans are carried out. Take Moses for example. He was one of the greatest men used by God and he was adopted. God had a plan designed for his life before he was born. His birth mother loved him, but couldn't raise him. Therefore, God placed Moses in the care of the Pharaoh's daughter. One mother gave birth to him and another mother raised him. Both mothers loved him and were used by God to provide Moses with the skills he needed to lead millions of people to the Promise Land. God has a plan and a future for all his children. We see a little of Moses in every child we place. Adoption is a beautiful, spiritual thing. It is our desire that more people "embrace the spirit of adoption." We hope you consider adopting a child today and make CFI your first and only choice to bring that blessing into fruition.


Rose Jones CFI Founder/Director

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