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Adoption Services

CFI Services is proud to offer state adoption, domestic infant adoption, home study, international adoption, post-adoption services, and more.

CFI provides a variety of adoption services for our adopting parent(s). These include: state adoptions, domestic infant adoptions, most types of home studies (i.e., state, domestic, and international), and post adoption services.


There are over ------ children in the foster care system waiting to be placed in a loving permanent home. Most of the children waiting for their adoptive family have been abused, neglected, and\or abandoned. Over 65% of the children are of an African American, Hispanic, or biracial background. The majority of children waiting for their adoptive family are school aged and\or of a sibling group. The average waiting time period for a state adoptive placement is 12 to 18 months.


Domestic infant adoptions are placements made by birth parents seeking a loving, caring, and supportive home for their child. The majority of the domestic infant adoption placements from CFI are of African American, Hispanic, or biracial heritage. There are three types of adoptive placements provided from CFI: open, semi-open and closed. On average a private domestic infant adoption placement can take 12 to 24 months to occur.


CFI provides domestic infant adoption, state adoption, and international adoption home studies. Domestic infant adoption home studies are for private infancy adoption placements through CFI or a licensed child placing agency. State adoption home studies are for adoptive placements with TDFPS throughout the state of Texas. International adoption home studies are for those families seeking to adopt a child outside of the United States.


Domestic adoption home studies include domestic infant adoptions as well as state adoption placements. Each adoptive parent will participate in a series of interviews, together and individually, which are designed to meet and exceed state licensing requirements. Discussions will cover a parent’s motivation to adopt, the type of child(ren) they wish to adopt, their health status, their marital and family relationships, their financial situation, their sensitivity to children experiencing separation and loss, their sensitivity toward birth parents, their sensitivity to different socioeconomic, cultural, and ethnic groups, etc. A minimum of one visit must take place in the adoptive parent's home with the entire family present. All children of the adoptive applicants will be interviewed individually. The adoptive home will be inspected for fire and health safety requirements, as well as adequate living space for each adoptive child. The requirements will be reviewed with you prior to the investigation with the caseworker.


CFI is able to provide most international home studies. However, we are not certified through the Hague Convention, which may be required for some foreign country home study guidelines. In addition, CFI is not licensed to provide International adoption placements. International home studies follow the same home study guidelines as domestic infant and state adoptions, with minor variations (see Domestic Home Study above).


Free post adoption services for an adoption placement from Texas Department of Family and Protective Services will be offered free through State contract Services. Post adoption services for domestic infant placements with CFI may be offered with a nominal fee. CFI provides some on-going services to families who have adopted children through the agency. These services may include: facilitating on-going contact with the birth parents, providing updated information regarding social and medical history of a birth parent, or providing counsel to parents as they are confronted with adoption issues while parenting their child. CFI has various types of support groups available upon request as well. Referrals to other community resources will also be provided.

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